There are many clinics in this world to choose from. The science is established, the equipment readily available. So why choose us? The answer is simple: we deliver care with actual care and that is more rare than it should be.


Fortify Your Immune System

You’ve heard the expression, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. While there is no absolute prevention for Covid, you can reduce your risks by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and fortifying your immune system with our nutrition support.

In-Office Safety Measures

Rest easy, knowing that we follow all California guidelines for Covid-19 safety at our facilities.


Meet The Doctor.
Aaron Orpelli, DC

After decades of evidence of amazing results in my patients, I believe with all my heart in the principles of alternative healing. The body has an incredible ability to heal itself when properly supported.

The thrill of helping people feel better and improve their quality of life is the most amazing and humbling experience. I know that by helping people get healthier, it makes this word a happier, better place to live.

I’m a passionate about my profession, motivated doctor, dedicated to helping you and your family to eliminate allergy and chronic conditions.

A Better Way To Wellness

9 Points of Functional Health

We address the 9 key points of health to help our patients achieve balance and function: physical, chemical, emotional, mental, energy, spiritual, metaphysical, electromagnetic and magnetic.

Alternative Medicine Use

We pride ourselves in offering nature-based solutions such as homeopathic, flower and herbal remedies and nutrition supplements.

Emotional, Physical + Metaphysical Healing

Healing is not a one-dimensional process. We take a wholistic approach to get to the root causes of health problems and eliminate them at the source.

Allergies & Inflammation

According to the FDA, the eight most common allergenic foods are milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, fish and shellfish.

Food allergic reactions can be mild, but can also cause severe, and even life threatening, reactions. The FDA also warns that mild symptoms can become more severe.

New! Have our allergy kit sent to your home and be on your way to an allergy-free life without an office visit. Our allergy test kits test and evaluate 176 food different allergens. Call now to order it: (310) 278-4567.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of nutritional supplements for inflammation, fatigue, digestion and immune support. Our products will get you to your optimum.

Need to boost your knowledge? Please check out allergy Book and exercise video.

Our Book

Our Book

The “STOP ALLERGIES NOW PROTOCOL” uses the same testing method as medical doctors – a very thorough blood analysis. Once the allergies are identified, the methodolgy differs from the medical approach and the treatment includes changing the energy in the body and correcting the nervous system function with homeopathic support and then reprogramming the mind.

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Aaron Orpelli, DC

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Chiropractic Help

We use all tools available for bringing balance to the body. The right tool for the wrong job is simply the wrong tool. Most healers are working with a very limited tool set, so is it any wonder they get limited results?

We work with all the latest techniques, using every tool available to help you heal the fastest and easiest way possible. We do this because we care and our patients deserve nothing less.

Chiropractic Techniques

Our extensive techniques include: AK, NET, TBM, Zone Healing , NAET, TAE (total allergy elimination), CEW, QT (QUANTUM TECHNIQUE), Gaston Diversified, Constant Motion Palpatation, Quantum technique vibration medicine (QT), Qa, CRA and BEST.

What We Do
In The Office

What We Do
In The Office

We are specialists in healing chronic inflamation and pain. These issues can significantly reduce quality of life if not treated properly. We are experts in this area. Not only can reduce chronic inflamation and pain, we can completely eliminate it. Your quality of life will be better than you ever thought it could be.

In the office, we offer expert care for many serious health issues inlcuding:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis condition
  • food and environmental allergies
  • Fibromialgia
  • Crohn's disease
  • Lym disease
  • Nutritional Support

    Without proper nutritional support, the fight for optimum health is a losing battle. Give your body the foundation it needs to provide you with the health you need to thrive and it will reward you.

    While we know our patients do their best, we also recognize that their busy lives sometimes make it close to impossible to get proper nutritional balance. No need to worry, we have you covered. We offer the full spectrum of nutritional support to keep your body going. Not only can this bring healing it can prevent issues from arising in the first place.

    Our nutitional supports services include:

  • homeopathic remedies
  • vitamin nutrition support
  • flower remedies
  • herbs
  • Special


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